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Added : Jan 2, 2020
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We are transported to a huge amount of miles inland and to the true depths of the sea, where NetEnt shows us the Secrets of Atlantis slot machine.

In August 2016, Net Entertainment launched this enigmatic online casino game based on the mythical and enigmatic legend of Atlantis. The island disappeared a huge amount of years ago under the sea and that Plato, the Greek philosopher, said in his work.

NetEnt has been able to capture the secret that over the years the chronicle of the sunken island, Atlantis, was attempted.

What is known about Secrets of Atlantis

The slot machine Secrets of Atlantis has an amazing soundtrack, which will accompany us throughout the game and, importantly, is responsible for the experiences that the slot machine transmits.

With the right graphics, we might have been glad to have NetEnt discover more parts of the lost island for us.

What is the Secrets of Atlantis casino game like

The enigmatic slot machine is structured in 5 drums, 4 rows. A composition very similar to most but adding a row much more than the recurring one.

It has 40 pay-lines that will count in both directions, from left to right and from right to left, what NetEnt calls “win both ways”.

Its percentage of return to the player is 97.1% (RTP) which leaves it above average for this value.

This makes it a probably attractive slot machine and even more so if we consider that the highest jackpot payout we are likely to receive from the Secrets of Atlantis slot machine is 320,000 coins.

The Secrets of Atlantis slot machine symbols

In Secrets of Atlantis the color blue is the main character, we must not forget that we are at the bottom of the sea. On this blue, we can see how the colors of its symbols stand out, where a colossal oyster that stores a beautiful white pearl inside it, is the best bought symbol of all.

If we put together 5 symbols of the oyster with a pearl online for payment, we will get a total of 400 coins. The crab, the turtle and the jellyfish follow at a distance and are detailed in two formats. One represented with beautiful stones and the other one of less value where we observe them inside a bubble.

An incredible mermaid is going to be the wild symbol of the game. Anyway, it is a Stacked Wild, an extended joker that will occupy the finished drum.
One thing that stands out about the Secrets of Atlantis slot is that all the symbols have their Colossal version and you will see them when the Re-spins are triggered.

The Colossal symbols are much more important than the usual symbols and fill numerous positions. In the Secrets of Atlantis slot machine situation, the Colossal symbols measure 4x3, a somewhat new measurement to the other slot machines that use them.

Nudge Wild the joker in Secrets of Atlantis The joker in the Secrets of Atlantis slot machine is a beautiful mermaid with extended hair and a golden tail. Nudge Wild is a particular joker and occupies a finished reel.

Depending on how it lands on the reels, it can look finished or just a section. But suddenly, it is as if it receives a reduced impulse to move enough positions to be seen completely, occupying the whole roller, whether the movement is up or down.

The same thing will happen if the Colossal wild appears in the re-spins of symbols. If the Colossal Stacked Wild is not centered and only one section is seen, it will move enough to occupy all the space and be apparent completely. Highlight Functionality of the Secrets of Atlantis slot machine The Highlight feature is a randomly appearing utility in the Secrets of Atlantis slot machine.

Suddenly a light illuminates the depths of the sea. This strong light will only be able to illuminate reels 2, 3 and 4. If the situation is provided that the Highlight feature fully illuminates all three reels, a plus spin or re-spin with Colossal symbols will be activated.

Re-Spin with Colossal Symbols The only time Colossal symbols are displayed in the Secrets of Atlantis online slot machine is when the re-spin is triggered by the Highlight feature.

It is exciting to see how the reels 2, 3 and 4 are transformed into one. A single drum through which Colossal symbols will roll 3X4 size. Creating superior options to win giant prizes. If after the plus spin, the reels that fill the Colossal symbols are still fully lit, another plus spin or re-spin round will be activated. Re-spins will always be played with the same coin value and betting level as the spin that was activated in the regular game.

Play Secrets of the Atlantis Slot now!

This 5x4 game has a number of outstanding features and bonus rounds that will make you want to keep playing.

Jellyfish, oysters carefully guarding a pearl, crabs, turtles with emerald shells, mermaids and many other surprises await you in the depths of the sea. In this slot, the icons that are most popular are the pearl, the ruby, the emerald and the sapphire; in this same order.

The wild symbol is represented by a mermaid and can be seen whole or partially, depending on how the reels fall.

On the other hand, the graphics of this game are of excellent quality and the audio is more than cautious. One of the outstanding properties of this slot is its highlight functionality. With it, 1, 2 or 3 reels will light up randomly on each roll. If you manage to have rollers 2, 3 and 4 light up simultaneously at the end of the print run, you will receive a plus spin of colossal symbols, i.e. symbols that fill 3 whole rollers, who can resist that?

Similarly, if a joker appears (even if only partially) on this plus roll, it will adapt to the screen so that you can always see a whole roll.

Secrets of Atlantis is NetEnt’s latest surprise. It is a game designed for the remote underwater location of Atlantis. Everything is possible there, from sirens that will make your dreams come true to colossal symbols.

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