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Added : Sep 5, 2019
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Wolf Run is an online slot game designed by International Game Technology (IGT) that is based on the fantastic theme of the Old West and the tradition of the wolf as an ancestral creature of the Aborigines.

Wolf Run has 40 pay-lines and 5 reels available. Players can wager with real money in different currencies. The smallest and highest real money bets that can be made on slots range from a penny to $5, respectively. Players can wager up to 5 coins per pay-line.

IGT has developed the Wolf Run game in Flash or Instant Play mode. This means that players do not have to waste time downloading the casino software to access the slot machine. Players can wager real money on the game at any of the casino sites created by IGT. The game has a number of innovative features along with advanced graphics and sound effects. You will have many opportunities to win a significant amount of money. The Wolf Run slot machine offers a stimulating gaming experience.

All players have to do is visit the casino site created by IGT and register a real money account to bet on the game. Another detail is that players with Linux and Mac operating systems can also enjoy the game without worrying that their systems are compatible with the casino software.

The Wolf Run slot machine can also be played for free at most online casinos. While this is fun and is an easy way to understand and enjoy the game, players will not earn real money. In addition, some features may not be available in the free version of the game. Players will also lose the chance to win the game’s jackpot, which equals 1,000 points in the free version of the Wolf Run slot machine.

Wolf Run game features

One of the factors that attracts most slot machines is animated animations. IGT is known for providing excellent graphics and sound effects with the most advanced gaming technology.

Sophisticated colors and images have been used to create a terrifying game environment. Therefore, the images from the beginning of the game Wolf Run, when loading the game, show in the background a blue sky full of stars with an image of a bright moon next to a howling wolf.

The graphics are spectacular and form part of the stage for the rest of the game. IGT has used simple graphics with water clear images for the rest of the symbols. In turn, the music, while minimalist, complements the game harmoniously. This helps players focus on the basic premise of the Wolf Run game and not be distracted by bright colors or loud music.

The slot machine symbols for the Wolf Run symbols have been designed to represent different wolves and related legends. Symbols include the warrior wolf statue, the white wolf, the wolf statue and the black wolf leader in the package. High value cards such as nine, ten, jack, queen, king and aces are the other common symbols.

Wolf run slot Wildcards and bonuses

The wild symbol is the howler wolf, similar to the image on the home screen. The wild symbol is crucial for slot machines, as it helps players improve their chances of winning money. This is because the usual symbols can be replaced by the wild symbol to complete a winning combination. The jackpot of 1000 credits is offered when five wolf symbols are sequentially shown on the reels.

Game bonuses are important for success in a slot game. IGT does not disappoint because Wolf Run includes an incredible bonus round called Wolf Run Free Spin Bonus. When more than three bonus symbols appear on the fourth, third and second reel, the free spins are activated.

At first, players get 5 free spins. However, this function can be reactivated when 3 multiplier symbols are displayed on the specified reels. Players can win up to 255 free spins in this round. The normal slot machine continues after free spins. Any credits earned during the bonus function are included in the total profit. Thanks to the success of the Wolf Run slot machine, IGT has created two other games based on the original. In the story called Wolf Run 2 Into the Wild, which is an MLD version and contains 3D graphics. The game offers 40 pay-lines and 5 reels with advanced graphics for symbols.

Highlights of Lucky Leprechaun

The four-leaf clover can only appear on the fifth reel, but when this happens, the free spins option is activated. You’ll get 5 moves and a x2 multiplier. During this time, if you receive a green clover, one more free spin will be added; if you receive a gold clover, the multiplier will increase by x1. However, at most you can multiply your winnings by x5!

Three, four or five gold cauldrons will activate the bonus round and its corresponding mini-game. You win 4, 5 or 6 free spins, respectively. These scrolls will be used to travel within the mini-game. The goal is to reach the golden cauldron at the end of the road, the further you go, the higher the prize you will receive.

The differences with other slots

Unlike the original, the sequence offers two additional features: Animal Tracking and Artic Free Games. The second slot is called Wolf Run Party, which also offers 40 pay-lines and 5 reels and is a renewed version of the original. The progressive reels offer a unique gaming experience where the bonus feature, which can be reactivated, offers free spins.

Wolf Run is based on the theme of wolves and the traditional history of American Indians. When it first came out, the main thing that brought it to the casino was the stacked WILD. If you’ve never played Wolf Run, then you really should. It is a legend in the casino and is one of the most famous slot machines of all time. These strings of WILD symbols are rare, but when they appear they can provide significant winnings, especially when more than one is found on the screen.

Another special thing about this machine is that when it came out, its graphics and sounds were very advanced. Especially the effects you see when you get a big prize. When you win a big prize, the screen is filled with fireworks and the credit is increased to ensure a great deal of adrenaline. Wolf Run is a high variation machine, so you can expect long periods of nonprofit play. At the same time, you can suddenly win several big prizes one after the other. You never know when you will win 2, 3 or even 4 stacked WILDS in a row, which means huge winnings. Wolf Run is available online at IGT casinos and the online game is almost identical to what you can find at Las Vegas casinos. In addition, a new version, called Wild Wolf, appeared recently online.

The new game, Wild Wolf, is also in Las Vegas casinos. Basically it’s the Wolf Run sequence, with improved features and bonuses. Wild Wolf takes some of the features of the original slot and takes it to a new level, and many players prefer this new version, which is also available online.

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