Double Diamond Slots

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Added : Oct 8, 2019
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We can say that Double Diamond’s theme is the classic slot. The structure is simple: three rolls, a pay line and a price table that can be read in half a minute. The goal is to collect three equal symbols or at least one cherry symbol.

The Double Diamond symbol works as a wild card, even if you combine three Double Diamond symbols you will get the biggest prize in the game.

There are three reels and it contains pubs and seven with a beautiful Double Diamond bonus emblem. This symbol matches all the additional symbols on this pay line. This means that if you get two seven on both rolls along with double diamond emblems, you will win the double three seven. If you are lucky enough to find the double diamond emblem on all three reels, you will win your game 1000 times.

Other symbols can also win in combinations with each other and each cherry you get gives you a double bet. Beer is similar to wild beer. They can be shown with just two other symbols or in a row independently. Double Diamond graphics, sounds, and animations are all time clasics.

Because of its simplicity, it has an elegant design. The classic symbols have been well thought out, the sound is not disturbing and the animations are sober. It fulfills the objective of being a simple and direct game. It may not stand out at all, but you can’t see any mistakes.

How Double Diamond works

Overall, Double Diamond offers a very sober gaming experience. Fans of the new slot machine with cascades and bonuses may find it somewhat monotonous. There is very little variation except for payouts, but you certainly won’t play a three-wheeled slot game like Double Diamond if you’re looking for a wild experience.

The game compensates for its monotony with a fast but adequate pace: the spins take long enough to generate tension and not bore you.

Free Wildcards, Bonuses, and Spins

Although Double Diamond does not offer free spins or bonuses, it has three symbols that function as a joker, half wheel and scatter.

The first is the cherries, which pay the bet x2 if they come out once and x5 if they come out twice, no matter in what order they come out.

The second is the fact that the three symbols on the bar can be put together and the bet is paid to x5. In the next image that will appear the central symbol is different, so the player receives 50 coins for the 10 coins he has wagered thanks to the prize “What pile as a symbol”. This is the lowest price that can be obtained by combining the different bar symbols.

The third (and most important) wild card is the Double Diamond symbol, which can replace all other symbols and also act as a multiplier. In the example above, if the symbol on the right had been a Double Diamond instead of a Bar, the multiplier x2 would have been used for the price of x5, so that the player would have received a total of 100 coins (and not 50) for the best of 10.

Prices up to 800 times your bet at Double Diamond Slot

You can find this Double Diamond Slot combination somewhat less exciting for the slot machine. These classic games are not so interactive and it seems that winning takes place over a long duration. With a maximum of 1 pay line, there are very few alternatives or combinations of winnings.

In addition, there are no bonus games or free spins, such as the use of movie slots. You may want to try a reduction kit until you find the larger symbols that appear more frequently and then raise your bet. The big symbol is the seven. On the other hand, winnings are often equal to 800 times your bet.

Free Double Diamond Spins

Play Double Diamond so you can form your own comments. Traditional slot machines are the dinosaur of slot machines, and as long as you hear the rhythmic sound of slot machines, you can practically feel like you’re in a real casino with smoke from the atmosphere, a cold cocktail on your lips along with The Sweet Promise of Profit, so it’s true with the double diamond slot along with its sequel variations.

Double Diamond’s RTP

RTP is 95.44%, which is close to the industry standard, which is around 96%. However, this RTP is accompanied by a very high variation. The game keeps long periods in which it pays virtually nothing, with modest occasional prizes and unusual prizes thanks to the multiplier function of Double Diamond symbols. As a result, the game responds well too many of our slot strategies, although players should also be aware of their high risk.

In short, Double Diamond Slots is a classic three-reel slot and a unique pay line inspired by the slot machines of the past. However, its simple simplicity can get boring and cause the player to switch to another one that offers more variety.

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