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Added : Feb 1, 2020
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Mirror, magic mirror, is Mirror Mirror the preferred slot machine in this part of the kingdom? With these expressions, you will already know that we have announced the new slot machine from NetEnt that shows the Snow White chronicle, the new incorporation to its story collection, Fairytale Legends: Mirror Mirror.

Something about the slot

Beautiful music accompanies every turn of the drums, perhaps one of the superior soundtracks of NetEnt’s slot machines. We will also hear the sounds of the forest, small birds and the odd animal.

Fairytale Legends: Mirror Mirror was released to the market in July 2018, so it seems that it became a tradition for Netent to release an exclusive slot every year to add to the Fairytale Legends series.

Two years ago they launched Fairytale Legends: Red Riding Hood, with Little Red Riding Hood as the main character, and last year Fairytale Legends: Hansel & Gretel. This time it’s Snow White time, so you can see, until now, all the stories of the collection, they belong to the anthologies of stories of the Brothers Grimm.

All Fairytale Legends slots are packed with bonus games, free spins and outstanding features that the beautiful bright fairy will show off with her magic wand.

More about the Mirror Mirror Slots

Like both of the previous slot machines, Fairytale Legends: Mirror Mirror has a five-drum, three-row design and 243 winning compositions.

You can change your bet by level, from 1 to 10, plus it can detail the coin value between £0.01 and £1. The minimum bet is £0.10 and the highest is £100 per spin.

The Fairytale Legends symbols: Mirror Mirror Slots

As a practice, the game organizes the symbols into two groups of different values. The symbols with superior prizes are more elaborate, we have a lantern to light up the mine, a beautiful stone, the evil stepmother, Snow White and the symbol of the logo of the collection represented by the initials of Fairytale Legends, and that will be the one that gives superior prizes.

The lower values are the popular symbols of the poker deck: 9, 10, J, Q, K and As.

Round Replay, Mirror Re-spin Slots

It is perhaps the most repeated function in the game and offers us excellent returns. It is activated when the mirror symbol falls on the third reel playing primordial.

It can also be turned on during the free spin round if it lands on reels 1, 2 or 3. When this happens, the mirror symbol becomes either the Snow White or Stepmother symbol.

Symbols that are the same as the transformed symbol will lock onto the reels while a round repeat, a re-spin, begins. These re-spins will follow one after another if a new symbol like the one denied on the drums appears.

Random Functions Fairy Slots

The little fairy is a recurrent character in all the slots of the collection, and in all the games she is the one in charge of turning on with her magic wand some of the 3 random features:

  • Fairy Magic Spin - When this feature is triggered a random group of five to seven symbols of average value, except for the symbol with the game’s logo, will stay fixed and overlapping on the reels throughout a spin.

  • Fairy Suprise - This feature can only be triggered by luck on a no-win roll. When this happens, a lucky symbol will be selected. This will always be a medium payout symbol and starting with the lowest value symbols on the reels will be transformed into the chosen symbol until a prize is achieved.

  • Fairy Mirror - In this feature, the mirror symbol will be placed in the middle of the third reel and will reward you with a Mirror Re-spin.

Chest Bonus Functions

As with all Fairytale Legends games, if 3 chests or trunks are displayed on the screen a bonus game will be activated, however, the bonus games will be different in each slot machine. Each chest hides a game and the one in the chest of your choice will be activated.

  • Mining Bonus: It is one of the most beautiful and friendly bonus games in the game. We go down to the mine with the dwarfs and help them to grab some of the nine beautiful stones on the wall. Each stone obtained represents a monetary gain. The bonus game will be over if we break our beaks while picking up any stone or if we pick up all of them.

  • Free Spins: When this feature is activated, you will receive 10 free spins. Mirror re-spins can also be turned on in the free game if one or more Mirror symbols land on your reels.

  • Money Win: This is a feature that rewards you with instant coin wins and the win is your bet on the spin multiplied by 15.

Play Fairytale Legends: Mirror Mirror now!

The Mirror Mirror video slot is part of the Fairytale saga Legends created by NetEnt, where we will see Snow White take the position of the individuals from previous games: Little Red Riding Hood and Hansel and Gretel.

This distribution looks very similar to the other two games in the saga, which gives 5 columns, 3 rows, and 243 pay lines, plus animations and a well-polished platform. In addition to the above, NetEnt has added a soundtrack to this slot that fits perfectly with the theme of the game.

Taking into account all the above, this game, at first sight, looks like a loyal fan of the previous installments of the Fairytale Legends saga.

When playing this slot, you can evaluate up to 10 betting scenarios. About the coin value you choose, the bet can be either very low or very high. If you choose to make a low bet and choose the coin with the lowest value (£0.10) then you can only make rolls for only £0.10 each, which makes Mirror Mirror a spectacular slot for those players who do not want (or can) spend enough money inside the casino.

In case you want to raise your bet, you can either increase the amount of the bet or raise the value of the coin, where you are provided to select from the following values: 1 cent, 2 cents, 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents or 1 Euro.

If you choose to use the most prominent coin value and maximum betting level, you will have the opportunity to invest up to $100 per spin, which makes this slot a very good choice for those who like to bet big time.

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