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Added : Jan 2, 2020
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NetEnt shows us a renewed and refreshing edition of the traditional slot machines. A game that was published in February 2018 and that is designed for all fans of the BAR symbols, the 7 symbols and the fruits running on the drums. Obviously, NetEnt was not going to leave it there. It gives it a new, brighter design where the fruits seem to have turned into beautiful stones.

With a colorful design, it knows how to offer you that traditional but modern touch, where the music is relaxing but at the same time awake, hypnotic, although in the end it sounds a little repetitive because the part is very short, but yes, we always find time to get the sound out of it.

Fruit Spin looks to be our counter-offer from NetEnt after having announced so many innovative slots full of features and bonus games.

About Fruit Spin Slot game

A more traditional game for a loyal audience of more neutral desires. Anyway, we don’t have to assume that it is something like the old one, it has some peculiarities that will give it its own touch and that will help to raise our coffers with more coins.

From stacked symbols, 3x3 Wilds, 3x3 Scatters and the Lucky Roulettes feature in the primary and round game of Free Spins, let yourself be dazzled by Fruit Spin! How to play the Fruit Spin slot?

Fruit Spin is a slot machine with 5 reels, 4 rows and 40 fixed pay-lines that are counted in succession from the leftmost reel to the right. The value of the bet is regulated in two places, at the bottom of the drums. The level, from 1 to 10, and the coin value, from 0.01 to 1.00. The lower roll is 0.20 and the higher roll is 200.

It is a refreshing game and deserves to be played in a real money slot. Its percentage return to the player is somewhat above average, 96.84% (RTP).

Fruit Spin Slot game Symbols

The normal Fruit Spin symbols are shown as stacks on the drums. There are two sets of level symbols. The group with the smaller value has five fruit symbols inside. Four of them have precisely the same value. The cherry symbol is the symbol that stands out and which distributes 2 times the bet on a payline with five symbols.

The most prominent group of level symbols is much more attractive. All of them have a strip inside where you can read the word BAR. The bronze bar yields less, on a payline with five symbols you get 60 coins. The symbol with two silver bars will give you 100 coins, the symbol with three gold bars 200 coins, and finally the symbol of the 7 with a gold bar, 300 coins. - Wild 3x3 symbols.

The wild symbols do not have the possibility to be stacked like the rest, but instead they have a colossal size, fill 3x3 and have the possibility to be shown somewhere on the reels, except if it appears on the free spins that only have the possibility to be shown on the central reels.

Scatter symbols 3x3. As with the wild symbol, the scatter symbol is a 3x3 block. It can also be displayed at some position on the reels both in the regular game and on the free spins and will be the one requested to trigger the lucky roulette game.

Lucky roulette function in Fruit Spin Slot

The particular Lucky Wheels feature is an entertaining way to get extra profits and the opportunity to get a bonus of free spins. This bonus game will be activated whenever the scatter symbol is displayed. A symbol that is very particular in the Fruit Spin slot machine.

The scatter symbol is neither more nor less than 3x3, and it’s going to be enough to see only one row of it on the reels to trigger the bonus. However, the more rows that are visible, the better it will be for us, because we will have more roulette spins and more chances to win prizes. We’ll have one spin on the roulette wheels for each apparent row of the scatter, so we’ll have the chance to get three spins on each wheel.

We will have three lucky roulettes on screen and all of them will spin without dependence and will give us different prizes. Each one has two Free Spins symbols and 6 coin win symbols, two 20 coin symbols, two 40 coin symbols and two 80 coin symbols.

The free spins will light up when we add 3 Free Spin symbols and will give us a total of 5 free spins. If you add more bonus round symbols you will be awarded 1 bonus spin for each.

Fruit Spin Bonus Spins

As mentioned before, the bonus free spins are activated if we achieve in the game of roulette 3 Free Spins symbols. If that happens we will win 5 free spins. Each bonus round symbol will give us a bonus free spin.

Throughout the bonus free spins you also have the possibility to turn on the lucky roulette. But this time only with 20 coin and bonus round win configurations. Throughout the free spins there are also 3x3 Wild symbols, which will always appear on the reels and are simple to see. For that reason you will have the chance to win a lot along the free spins.

Play Fruit Spin now!

Fruit Spin is a 5 reel, 4 row slot with 40 paylines running from left to right. The symbols are fruits but not only that, let’s see: Symbols of greater value. The well-known Gold, Silver and Bronze BAR. We also have a BAR 7. Symbols of lesser value. Oranges, cherries, raspberries, limes, grapes. Outstanding symbols. The Scatter symbol is a red diamond and the WILD symbol is a green gem. The highest paying symbol is the 7 BAR, which offers 15 chances to find 5 of them on one of the pay-lines. All the symbols in the Fruit Spin slot have the ability to be shown stacked on the reels, as opposed to the prominent Wild and Scatter symbols.

When a 3x3 scatter symbol appears on the screen it activates the Lucky Wheels Bonus game on the slot. When this happens, the reels will be replaced by 3 lucky mini roulettes which will give you the chance to win cash prizes of 200, 400 or 800 coins, or in addition to this, you will be able to enter the game’s attractive free spin feature if you get lucky and group together scatter symbols. Beyond being a game supported by a common and popular theme (fruit symbols), this game manages to surprise and impress anyone who tries to offer a few spins in search of the winnings.

The graphics are of excellent quality and most of all they shine with their bright and shiny colors (in particular the WILD and SCATTER symbols). The gameplay follows the game really well, with a slow melody of ambient music. This helps you to find a calm atmosphere while activating a very correct section of the brain to find the “Zen moment” of positivity to attract luck.

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