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Hot Hand slot is the newest traditional slot machine to come out of Rival Games. The creator chose a theme related to hell for this one, with a hot devil called Bernadette. With some incredible properties, especially for a traditional slot, Hot Hand has some decent rewards to give away in addition, to the right conditions.

Opponent made the decision to go with the traditional setup, which has 3×3 reels and up to 5 active lines. The bets, if high enough, have the possibility to transform a reward of 4,500 coins into a prize of 22,500 USD in just one line. All along the path, the main properties you will be able to use are based on wild cards with multipliers from 2x to 4.

About the game

The bets are complicated enough for a slot machine with only 3 reels and 5 lines. You can select the number of lines for one, up to 3 coins for all the following ones. Finally, there is also the value of the coins. With a designation starting at $0.01 and going up to $5, the finished betting range for the Hot Hand is $0.01 to $75. That’s using up to $15 per line.

In relation to the number of coins bet per line, the winnings will go up to 1,500 times the line bet, or up to 4,500 coins. Given the value of the coins that are viable, the game will payout at most $22,500 for a three-multiplier wild combo. If the jokers are able to manifest in multiple positions on the same reel, then the potential of the slot must achieve a higher of 112,500 USD.

Hot Hand Features

It’s not the most elaborate game out there but it’s not something you’d expect anyway. All this, given that this slot has only 3 reels and mostly a traditional theme. The wild symbols are the only ones that assist you with their capabilities. So, you get three varieties, for an equal number of reels.

Drum 1 gets the wild 2x. Drum 2 has the 3x, while drum 3 has the wild symbol 4. These wild symbols can be joined, and their multipliers will increase the winnings up to 12 times (if you mix the 3x and 4x multipliers). By themselves, these wild symbols are interspersed and form a wild combo. This, when all three are displayed on one line. The payout, in that case, is 1500x the line of bet (up to 4500 coins). At least, if you get a single wild symbol displayed in a combo, it will be a substitute for some other type of icon, while using its multiplier in the final win.

The theme is a mixture of fire and classic icons, conjunction that we have noticed quite a few times in the past. The slot machine relies on Bernadette, an interesting she-devil, as the main character and as the best bought regular symbol. The rest of the engaged symbols are considered to be classics, so as you move from the prominent value to the low value, you come across the Fire 7, the Fire Diamond, Bells, Cherries, and the 4-card suit icons.

Although the selection of symbols is not as exclusive or entertaining, the quality of the symbols is good, better than you can expect in 90% of the currently accessible 3 reel slots.

Symbols and more

The wild symbols are the only ones that assist you with their capabilities. However, they do have a multiplier attached.

It has 3 varieties, for an equal proportion of reels:

Reel 1 – multiplier x2
Reel 2 – multiplier x3
Finally, reel 3 – multiplier x4

The best thing is that these savages have a chance to join. This means that their multipliers end up increasing the profits up to 12 times. On their own, the wild symbols have a chance to mix and match to form a wild combo. This, when all three appear in one line. In the situation where only one wild is present on the reels, it will replace some other symbol. This, while using your multiplier on the final win.

Although the gameplay is very easy, it does not possess the virtue of the usual gameplay experience. And it is of a very prominent level due to the incredible design and soundtrack. Let’s not forget the wild multipliers that add a particular touch to the gameplay and have the potential to increase the winning options. The Hot Hand slot is seen to have all the right utilities to justify its ability. Don’t hesitate to offer a spin on this headline if you like this kind of spin.

Hot Hand Bonuses

This 3-reel slot with 5 active pay-lines offers you a variety of settings – you can set the range for the coin volume, the number of coins you want to play with, and the number of active pay-lines. Coin values range from $0.01 to $5, and you can bet with 1, 2, or 3 coins.

The maximum bet played with all 5 active lines, 3 coins with a value of $5 each will be $75. A minimum bet is low – up to $0.10 for an active line and 1 coin to the value of $0.01.

There are no thousands of bonuses in hot hand slots, but the multipliers more than makeup for the lack of bells and whistles. The first reel can cause a 2x Wild multiplier, the second reel can cause a 3x Wild multiplier, and the third reel can cause a 4x Wild multiplier. Like all online slot games, Wild symbols are there to replace other symbols.

This gives players a better chance of winning a winning combination. Even better for the player, the multipliers make the winnings significantly higher. The good news is that multipliers have the possibility of occurring simultaneously, which can lead to wins of up to 4,500 coins.

Play Hot Hand now!

Hot Hand Slots’ graphics are the exact opposite. They show lovely purple and red flames surrounding the game symbols. Players can expect to find symbols that have a diamond, a 7, a bell, cherries, hearts, clovers, and the hot host She-Devil inside.

The game comes with exciting Wild symbols that give the players multipliers, who have the chance to contribute to a much bigger win. The symbol that pays the most is our Devil, which is not surprising. If a player bets three coins and gets a winning combo that integrates the Devil, he can win 225 coins. Players also have to wait to find the 7 symbols, as it pays the second most prominent and will let the player take home 75 coins.

One of the superior things about hot hand slots is that they are special for players on a budget. Players of the penny slots will enjoy the fact that they have the possibility to play for only 0.01 USD and the prominent players have the possibility to select 5 USD bets. Players have the ability to select between 1 and 5 pay-lines, so the bets can truly go from $0.01 to $75 per spin.

If you want to add some heat to your gambling experience occasionally, the Hot Hand slot may be your best bet. It comes from the fiery depths of hell, with an interesting she-devil to guide you to the considerable winnings.


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