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Sometimes you just have to go back to the basics as Five Times Wins slot is. Obviously, that was the task of the whole of Rival when making their innovative slot machine five times winner. This is a traditional bandit slot, all the melancholy of the old Las Vegas casino, all the simple gameplay – no frills.

No expense has been spared in this slot, you don’t get a bonus round, free spins, scatter, progressive jackpot, a correct musical score, or 3D video animations. What you do get is a spectacularly simple to play 3-reel, 3-line slot with 1-3 active pay-lines and a massive bet that multiplies the wild symbol.

About the game

After playing the game for a while I think I can see where the opponent is going with this, if you didn’t play the slots before an easy and clear layout like the one this game has is a huge first part, also there are several players who find some of the latest slots quite confusing and complicated. In addition, there is compatibility to consider, a game this easy can be played on any device; desktop, Windows Phone, tablet, etc. There is no way that even an older gadget will have a problem running it and that can be a decent point in its favor, I have seen even older iPhones crash in several of the modern games bonus rounds while struggling with the advanced graphics.

The music and sound effects are purely fruity. Close your eyes and your ears will tell you you’re in the backroom of a relaxed bar clicking on a classic cabinet machine. The symbols are also simple. You get eight icons, cherries, three types of bars, and three colored sevens. Plus, the game symbol is a five-fold joker.

The winnings are also not to be made fun of, the game RTP is 96%. These wild symbols have some real power, the maximum win for 3 coins with the usual highest value symbol, red sevens, is 150 coins. If you put 3 of the jokers together, you win 5000 coins, relative to the jackpot to bet which is huge. Even with just one coin, you would get 1500 for three of the wild ones multiplied!


Although most of the slot games currently shown at online casinos consumed video slots, the usual games at the moment have a huge presence. Games such as Five Times Wins, a headline from Opponent Gaming, will entertain players and offer huge options for real money rewards.

Although the game only gives you three reels and three paylines, it is a headline that can truly increase account balances. Five Times Wins is a simple top-level game that tends to be favored by new players or those with smaller capitals. Thanks to the limited paylines, the game is accessible and the few symbols used to make this game simple to continue and understand.

Five Times Wins slot is a new release of Opponent and the game gives players numerous betting ratios that have the possibility of being altered before any turn of the game. The currency values that can be chosen range from one cent to 5 USD and up to three coins can be bet on all pay-lines.

The higher rewards come from betting with three coins, so those who can afford it will always have to make the maximum bet to get the special results of the game.

Five Times Wins symbols and more

Cherries, BAR symbols, and sevens are the primary symbols shown on the coils. The BAR symbols are divided into three different styles. The first is the unique blue bar that pays the lower sum. The double green bar symbol is going to be the middle pay symbol. And at the end, a red triple bar is the highest pay symbol of the bar symbols. The sevens will also be grouped into 3 styles: blue, green, and red. Three red sevens are the highest payout symbols of the level symbols.

You can also perform a winning spin if you get all 3 different bar symbols on one line. This way you get like three different sevens. However, these are the lowest payout compositions in the game, respectively. The main symbol you want to see is the “5x” symbol. Acting as a joker and as a 5x pay multiplier, when it lands on the reels, you know it!

This “wild” will provide help in making wins by replacing all other symbols. Any win using the wild 5x symbol will be multiplied by 5, of course. The huge payout is when you get three – 5x symbols in a row on a payline. This is giving a payout of 5,000 coins when all three coins are played.

Five Times Wins bonuses

Five Times Wins does not have a progressive jackpot. All this, although there is an interesting base game jackpot that gives 5,000 coins with a maximum bet. This can be won by getting the 5 times winner symbol on a payline. Those who bet two coins will get a payout of 3000 coins. In addition, those who bet only one coin will get 1500 coins for this winning combination.

The game is a classic slot with a level subject, so players have the possibility to wait for basic symbols on the reels. There are different colors of sevens and bars. However, 5x is the most relevant symbol. It not only provides the most prominent payout but it is also the wild symbol. Also, you can substitute for all other symbols in the game. When used in winning conjunction, this joker will multiply all wins by 5x.

This memorable traditional slot game gives an interesting RTP of over 95% and with many betting configurations. It fits any casino budget. Although the game does not have any bonus rounds or outstanding properties, players will eventually benefit from the 5x symbol as it will create some incredible winnings.

Play Five Times Wins now!

Five Times Wins slot is a retro-style video slot from Contractor Entertainment. Full of all your favorite classics that will excite you with their interesting fruit slots. Five Times Wins is no ordinary fruit slot, however.

Yes, you’ll be welcomed with the warm invitation of cherries, BARs, and other classic interface elements. Adding a wild particular that pays a 5x multiplier is what divides Five Times Wins from an otherwise overcrowded genre.

Five Times Wins slot uses the usual three reels, with a three-line payout design. All payouts go from left to right. The whole planet can enjoy Five Times Wins with its very low minimum betting requirements. For a penny in your pocket, spin the reels for a chance to win the coveted 5x multiplier.

If betting higher ratios are what makes your blood pump, up to $5 per spin is the highest. For higher bets, up to the 3 coin level to fully exploit those huge winnings. All slot points are editable. You can choose 1, 2, or all 3 lines to play. Bet between 1 and 3 coins per spin. And an autoplay utility has been added for your consideration.


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