Three Hand Holdem

Maxwell F. Koehler Added : May 12, 2020
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One deck, three hands, three times the fun! Introducing the latest big game Play ‘n GO 3-Card Hold’em Casino!
3-Card Hold’em Casino is an exciting form of poker, where you play three hands at once instead of one, giving you three chances to win the Dealer!

Not only that, but playing three hands from a single deck gives you a better idea of the chances of completing any of the three hands.

How does it work?

You start by placing an initial bet on one, two or all hands. You also have the opportunity to place an additional AA bonus wager along with the Ante bet.

After placing bets, two cards are dealt face up to each of the active hands and two cards face down to the dealer.
Three community cards are dealt face up on the table. If these cards match any of your hands to make a pair of Aces or better, the dealer will immediately pay out your AA bonus bet!

AA Bonus!

After the community cards are dealt and the AA bonus is paid, it is decided whether to pay or double up on each hand. If you decide to place the bet, a bet will be placed to match the Ante bet of that hand.
After combining or doubling each of your active hands, the dealer will deal the last two community cards and reveal his own hidden cards.

For each of your active hands, the best available 5-card poker hand will be chosen using the 5 community cards and the 2 cards from each hand. If any of your hands are stronger than the dealer’s, you win! In case either hand is weaker, the dealer wins.

If any of your hands are the same as the dealer’s, it’s just a push and your Ante and Call bets will be returned to you… that’s it!

Play’n Go has done it again! His latest game, 3-Hand Casino Hold ’em, is now available to all adventurous players. It will offer every player a feeling that they have not experienced in a long time in any kind of live casino.

Players will quickly and easily catch up with this new live casino game. It consists of a three-handed deck that offers a triple roll. This exciting form of poker allows you to play three hands at the same time, as opposed to one hand. As you might suspect, the 3-card Hold’em casino offers three options to beat the dealer.

More features

The three hands also increase your chances of winning. Why? Because the same tire is used to distribute the three hands. This gives you an idea of your chances of completing one of the three hands.

You start the Casino Card 3 by placing something before you choose (provided you meet the minimum wager). This is another great feature of the game as you can bet on one, two or three hands. In addition, you are offered the opportunity to place an additional AA bonus wager alongside your initial bet.

AA Bonus at Three Hand Holdem Slots

The dealer then deals two cards, with the number of hands you have played going up. He also gives two cards face down for the hand. Three “community cards” are placed on the table which is then dealt face up. This is where the AA bonus comes in. If any of the three cards form an ace or better, with your cards, the dealer immediately pays your AA bonus bet.

Now that the community cards have been dealt and the AA bonus paid, it is your choice to call or fold on each of your hands. If you decide to call, a match bet will be placed on the hand.

After calling or folding, the dealer handles the last two community cards up. He also turns his cards to reveal his hand.

If any of your hands is better than the dealer, you are the winner. In case any of your hands are weaker, the win goes to the dealer. If one or more of your hands is equal to the dealer, press and your bet will be returned to you.

If this doesn’t get your adrenaline pumping, nothing will. This is a fascinating, challenging and fun game. This is another game offered by Play ‘n Go, the company that offers innovative slots. Their experience and passion for offering this type of game ensures that the game meets the requirements of both players and operators.

Play ‘n Go has secured players a new award winning game with 3-Hand Casino Hold. The game is waiting for you to start playing.

How to play Hold ’em Casino

Basically, you’re playing this simplified game of Hold ’em against the dealer.  To get started, you must select the size of your chip and place it in the ante circle. This bet cannot be changed. However you can also bet on the “AA Bonus” circle: this pays if your hand plus the first three cards in the community contain a straight or better (pay 25/1) or pairs of aces in a straight (7/1). You will see that this game disappears from the table if these conditions are not met.

Once you place your initial bet and your optional AA bonus bet, press “Deal” and you will receive two cards in your hand; three community cards will be placed in the center. Currently, you can choose to either draw (in which case you drop your ante) or Call, which costs twice as much as your before.

Prices at Hold’em Casino

Whenever you call, the last two community cards will be delivered and your hand will be compared to the croupier’s. The dealer must have at least a pair of four to qualify for the match. Tied hands will cause your bet to return sooner, a loss, of course, will be a loss and a win will be paid out at the following prices:

– Royal Flush – 100/1
– Straight Flush – 20/1
– Four of a kind – 10/1
– Full house – 3/1
– Download – 2/1
– Straight or less – 1/1

This is a very attractive variant of poker that can be very profitable if you play sensibly and know when to fold. We haven’t worked with statistics, but experience suggests that you should avoid the effort of AA. There is a tempting 98.75% RTP.

Free Slot Details
Play’n GO
RTP 98.75
Volatility High
Rating 5
Slottype Video Slots
Software Play’n GO
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