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Nitro Circus is a show directed by the sportsman and double expert Travis Alas Pastrana, who performs different acrobatic manoeuvres in motor vehicles all over the world. The program gained so much fame that it led to movies and television series.

Nitro Circus is a game with 5 reels, 4 lines, up to 60 free spins and multipliers. The main function of the machine is Nitro Jump, which is activated by getting the letters N, I, T, R, O during the base game.

Behind Nitro Circus there is a group of wavy acrobats who do tricks with motorcycles, BMX bikes, scooters and everything else that can be combined with speed, wheels and risk.

All Nitro Circus shows are full of adrenaline. The same ingredients used by Yggdrasil to create this fantastic online slot, so the combination couldn’t be better. Prepare and tighten the seat belt to begin a fun and exciting game. Packed with exciting tricks, big stars, speed, excitement, free spins, bonus games and big prizes.

Playing Nitro Circus slots?

Before you start playing, it’s important that you check the betting level and adjust it to one that’s acceptable to you. In this online slot, you can adjust your bets from €0.10 for the lowest possible spin, to €125 for the highest spin.

The Nitro Circus slot machine offers 25 pay-lines and a player return rate of 97.0% (RTP), which is a percentage that sounds really good.

The Nitro Circus game is a highly volatile slot machine. Ideal for big players who like to bet high. It gives you the chance to win big winnings, although generally prices will come less frequently, so you should have the right attitude.

Mini game Nitro Blast

The Nitro Blast mini-game is a bonus game that is activated when we get 2 Nitro Bomb symbols in the main battery game.

The Nitro bomb symbol is represented by a gold and blue bomb with a lightning bolt in the middle, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for these two bombs on the drums. When you activate the Nitro Blast mini-game, you get 1 of the 5 bombs that can contain any of the following prices:

  • 10 to 30 free bonus spins.
  • Add one of these vehicles to your collection: a horse, an armchair, a mini car or a bathtub.
  • Wild nitro. When we get back to the main game, Nitro bombs will explode to turn 2 to 9 positions into wild symbols.
  • Free spin multiplier. Increase the multiplier by 1, 2 or 3 in the Free Spins function.
  • Extra free spins. You can get 1, 2 or 3 additional free spins when you’re in the Free Spins feature.

Free Nitro Circus Slot Spins

One of the most desired features of all slot players who don’t like to play for free and others with the possibility of receiving an extra prize? In Nitro Circus, the free spins feature is activated with 3 or more Nitro Bomb symbols.

Rounds start with a x2 multiplier and each time you receive 1 additional Nitro Bomb symbol during the free game, you activate the Nitro Blast mini-game. The number of free spins will depend on how many Nitro Bomb symbols have activated the feature. With 5 Nitro Pumps, 30 free spins are activated, with 4 Nitro Pumps, 20 free spins are activated and with 3 Nitro Pumps, 10 free spins are activated.

The Nitro Circus Vehicle Collection

In the Nitro Circus slot we can collect 5 types of vehicles that will be counted on the left side of the battery. If we can add 5 identical vehicles from any of them, we can activate the Nitro Jump bonus game, the most spectacular and special part of the game.

Because everything is different and special to the Nitro tribe, the vehicles we can collect are also a little different: a horse, a recliner, a mini car and a tub mounted on the wheel.

We will always start the game with a horse at the vehicle counter.

Each vehicle has special features that will greatly affect the activation of the Nitro Jump bonus game (the vehicle that activates the feature will participate).

  • The little horse: 55 tricks, size 45, impulse 15
  • Armchair: 25 tricks, size 55, impulse 35
  • Mini car: 25 tricks, size 35, impulse 55
  • Bathtub: tricks 35, size 25, impulse 55

Nitro Jump / Nitro Jump Bonus Game

We got to the role of the Nitro Circus slot machine. We will test how we receive this show, acrobatics and extreme tricks. In the show, we’ll be one of Nitro’s athletes and go to the arena to perform our show.

In addition to being able to activate the function, as mentioned above, to obtain 5 vehicles from the same collection, we can activate it if we can form the word NITRO in the battery.

In this case, the vehicle will be different and we can choose to our taste.

Depending on the vehicle that we choose, we will have more or less possibilities of obtaining a certain type of prizes. The characteristics of the vehicle will be measured by its ability to deceive, increase and size.

The greater the skill of the tricks, the greater the possibility of obtaining a greater prize, the greater will be the possibilities of obtaining a high multiplier in the final jump) and the greater the size, the greater will be the possibility of collecting more vehicles for collection.

  • FMX: tricks 15, size 25, reinforcement 35
  • BMX – 25 tricks, size 25, magnification 25
  • Scooter: 45 tricks, size 15, magnification 15

We’ll have three jumps until we reach the final jump, the Boost Jump. The judges will judge our jumps and, depending on the score, we will receive some prizes or others.

In the final jump, we can count on the Nitro boost button, which can be pressed up to 3 times to increase the power and get a higher gain multiplier, although this can negatively affect and make the landing more dangerous and we can fall.

If this happens, we will not receive such a good prize, but we will always receive a profit between 25 and 100 coins.

Play Nitro Circus now!

Casino game developer Yggdrasil Gaming has released the long-awaited Nitro Circus gaming machine, based on the famous program of the same name.

Other special features of the slot machine include the conversion of normal symbols into wild cards, the mechanics of video games and the freedom of the player to make his own decisions during the game.

Free Slot Details
RTP 97
Volatility Low
Rating 5
Slottype Video Slots
Software YGGdrasil
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