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Age of the Gods mighty Midas slots Playtech’s long-running age of the god’s online slot series. It has attracted the attention of several players already for some time and here we see one more to add to the legend.

About the game

Are you ready to examine a world of golden opportunity? Our Playtech age of the gods mighty Midas review will help you get into an online slot machine full of huge bonuses, bigger payouts, and many exciting properties.

Since the online casino provider first introduced the Age of the Gods slots, the range has continued to grow. How does the free Age of the Gods Mighty Midas slot machine compare to previous titles? Let’s take a closer look to see if everything we touch turns to gold. If you like the Age of Gods serial of slots, you can also try Age of God of Olympus slot game for free.


Mighty Midas may seem difficult, but it’s still very simple: basically, King Midas turns symbols into Golden Wilds, which can create multipliers and huge payouts. You can use the preferred Ruby Spins property as a huge multiplier of up to 30x, this can be 8,650 times your total bet on each free spin! Let’s hope King Midas turns everything he touches into gold for you.

Age of the Gods: Mighty Midas is a 5-reel, 40-pay line Playtech slot. You can play from 40 to 2,000 coins per spin on desktop, mobile, and tablet gadgets. With a theme from Greek mythology, it comes with visuals in keeping with the theme.

The game relies on King Midas, who transforms everything he touches into gold; visually amazing as it is to expect from Playtech, there is an opulent feeling.

The symbols on the reels have grapes, glasses, apples, red roses, cooked chickens inside, thus like Dionysus (the god of wine and revelry). Marigold (daughter of Midas), Lityerses (the demonic reaper of men), Silenus (companion and guardian to Dionysus), and King Midas himself. King Midas is the most lucrative symbol that gives you 12.5 times your 5 in a row bet.

Symbols and more

Age of the Gods Mighty Midas slots comes with Midas Touch symbols shown on reels 3, 4, and 5, each descending to the symbol on the left. Each instance of the symbol pointing to the Midas Touch symbol changes into a Golden Wild symbol, which even has instances of the symbol inside that are not visible on the reels.

The Golden Wild replaces all scatter symbols. Midas Touch symbols collapse and fall into another symbol that can be another win.

When a Midas Touch symbol points to a golden wild, it increases the wild multiplier; this is known as the Midas Multiplier feature.

Each instance of that Golden Wild is transformed into a 2x Golden Wild symbol. If it happens again, it becomes a 3x Golden Wild symbol.

Scatter function

The most relevant symbol in Age of the Gods: Mighty Midas is the scatter: when it appears simultaneously on reels 1 and 5, it will activate 1 of 5 gem properties. Spin the scatter on reel 5 to play 1 of the following bonus properties:

Emerald Bonus Feature: The scatter that was born on reel 1 reveals a cash prize with the scatters on reel 5 revealing a multiplier. The multiplier applies to the cash prize for the total amount of your win.

Amber Spins Feature: With 5 free spins, all instances of 1 symbol will become a Golden Wild on each free spin. Some Wild multipliers can achieve 3x.

Ruby Spin Feature: With 7 free spins, a developed Golden Wild symbol sees all instances of that symbol turn into a wild multiplier. When this happens, the Multiplier Tower collapses leaving a new multiplier at the bottom of the tower. If a Midas Touch symbol points to a wild multiplier symbol, the 2 multipliers are turn on up to 30x.

Amethyst Spin Function: With 3 free spins, all Midas Touch symbols are stacked in 2 stages along with the functionality. You can also benefit from Wilds multipliers of up to 3 times.

Sapphire Spin Function: With 5 free spins, stacks of Golden Wild symbols are added to the 3 intermediate reels. On the first free spin, 55 Golden Wilds are added to the 2 reels. On the second free spin, 40 Golden Wilds are added to the 3 reels.


The Age Of The Gods: Mighty Midas slots make available to gadgets all over the planet a historical figure, King Midas, who will lend his hand to all players to win prizes. Popular for turning everything he touched into gold, King Midas was recruited by the Age of the Gods saga to lend his wealth to players. You will have the chance to get your share of the golden booty by playing a game of this traditional slot game.

Age Of The Gods: Mighty Midas is a 6 reel, 4 rows, 40 pay line slot game where players can find their golden possessions. The game takes place in the King Midas throne room which is illuminated by the golden sunlight coming in through the windows and highlighting the light from the golden vessels in the room. The soundtrack is relaxing and enjoyable and will accompany players as they spin the reels and turn symbols into golden jokers on the reels.

There are several symbols of the King Midas legend on the reels and all of them are highly rewarding for the players. The Midas symbol is the one that gives the most important prize of 500 times the player’s bet if it appears 5 times on a pay line. Typical partygoers who are always up to their eyeballs in wine, award 400 times the player’s bet.

The satyr Sileno also makes an appearance, rewarding the bet with 300 occasions. Midas’ daughter rewards with up to 200 times the bet and Dionisio rewards with x 150. In addition, all these outstanding symbols have the possibility to appear in a stack, covering up to two positions of the reel at the same time. The rest of the symbols are roasted chickens, roses, apples, chalices, and grape clusters.

More about the bonuses

Age of The Gods Mighty Midas gives players a bonus haul of outstanding bonuses to activate while they play. Starting with the Midas touch symbols shown on reels 3, 4, and 5, these golden fingers will turn any symbol they touch into a golden joker. The golden jokers will substitute for any other symbols except the scatters.

Play Age of The Gods Mighty Midas now!

The fingers will disappear after they have worked their magic, and another symbol will be seen instead. If a Midas tap symbol touches a symbol that is already a golden wild card, the wild card will become a Midas multiplier, a multiplier x 2. And if the Midas tap touches a multiplier x 2, it will become a multiplier x 3. Players will spin the scatter on the fifth reel to ignite one of these 5 bonuses:

Emerald Bonus – The scatters on reel 1 reveal a cash prize, while those on reel 5 reveal a multiplier. The multiplier applies to the cash prize to find the win total.

Amber Spins – All Midas Touch symbols appear the double for the remainder of the bonus.

Ruby Spins – The golden jokers become wild multipliers and start at the bottom of the bonus multiplier tower. Whenever a multiplier joker appears, the multiplier tower collapses. This leaves a new multiplier at the foot of the tower. If Midas’ touch touches a multiplier, the two multipliers will be added together.

Amethyst rolls – A random symbol appears to carry over like a wild card on the next roll.

Sapphire Spins – On the first spin, you will have 55 Jokers on the reel 2. On the second spin, 40 Jokers will appear to reel 3.

Finally, the game boasts 4 giant jackpots that are increasing in size. The progressive jackpot can only be won if the maximum amount was bet before the spin.

The Age Of The Gods: Mighty Midas slots offer 15 betting scenarios. This, making it one of the games with the largest number of betting options in the Age of the Gods saga. All this, with bets ranging from $0.40 to $2000.

There’s more about Age of the Gods Mighty Midas slot!

King Midas makes it simple for his guests at the moment of shooting. You can use the turbo mode to get you straight to the point. It dispenses with all the animations and makes it easy to play rounds with light agility. Also, you can play the automatic game mode on for up to 99 hands-free shots.

Mighty Midas is a video slot that honors Greek mythology, where the idol is King Midas. It’s a creation by the Playtech brand. All this, with symbols that evoke Greek mythology and are represented by the King of Phrygia. Also, Litierses, Dionysus, Silenus, cups, apples, roses, and chickens.

The Age of the Gods Mighty Midas slot consists of 5×4 reels and a total of 40 ways to win. The accessible lines do not have the possibility to be changed and the maximum bet can be 2,000 virtual coins.

The word ‘Wild’ serves as a wild card and can be displayed anywhere. The scatter symbol is a ring with 5 gems inside.

When the ring symbols land on the reels 1 and 5. The ring symbol on the reel 5 rises from the reel and spins. When the symbol stops rotating a floating hand above it will point to 1 of the gems. This chosen gem is set to 1 of 5 properties that will trigger up to five bonuses.

Enter the era of King Midas and reveal his legends with the assistance of the online slot game. A game made by Playtech with a theme inspired by Greek mythology and winnings of up to x8,650 times. The game has 4 progressive jackpots and comes equipped with a really good RTP of 95.35%.

Free Slot Details
RTP 96,34
Volatility High
Rating 5
Slottype Video Slots
Software Playtech
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