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7x Lucky Sevens is an exclusive slot that comes to us from WGS and Vegas Technology. It is part of a sequence of innovative online slot machines. The X series to be more precise. The purpose of the X-series is to offer the player the greatest excitement and also to offer the greatest payout. It was published in May 2017.

The 7x Lucky Sevens slot is a traditional three-reel slot with one payline. However, this game is anything but retarded and unentertaining as one might expect when listening to traditional slot expressions. This game has eight winning symbols that cross the unique payline.

Watch the single, double and triple cherry icons move across the screen. You will also find red, blue, and purple sevens. There are two jokers that also have a chance to arrive on this line. There is a gambling utility that could help you to get some good winnings. Fifteen USD is the maximum bet per spin.

Let’s talk about the multipliers that are the real winners of this game. The 7x Lucky Sevens is the symbol of the joker. When you get two 7x Lucky Sevens as part of a winning combination, you activate the 49X multiplier. When you get a 7x Lucky Sevens as part of winning conjunction, you will activate the 7X multiplier.

This game is related to a progressive jackpot. It’s a bigger and bigger jackpot that you must win by $25,000, so keep your good luck charms handy while you play. Someone is going to win that jackpot.

About the game

The Lucky 7s online slot machine has 7 reels and 7 pay lines. The first three pay-lines are horizontal straight, lines 4 to 7 are zig-zag patterns that are simple to follow. Slot icons revolve primarily around the Lucky Seven theme. We have the Disc 7, the Disc 7-7-7, the Golden Bar 7-7-7, and the Lucky 7s Logo. In addition to the icons of the 7 tracks, we also have the usual cherries and the classic money bag.

Winning at the slots is, of course, always a good thing. There are no exceptions to that rule. But winning at Lucky 7s slots is especially exciting, and here are the reasons why. First of all, when you have 7 reels in the slot machine, it is viable to get 6 or 7 on one payline. This is a truly extraordinary win, an unrealistic win to find in your recurring 3 or 5 reels online slot game.

The other appealing feature is that you can win any chance you have to get three or more of the same icon in adjacent positions on one payline. Keep in mind that adjacent positions don’t have to start on the leftmost reel like in regular slots. With Lucky 7s, you can have three of the same icon on reels 1-2-3, or reels 2-3-4, or reels 3-4-5, and so on.

As long as they are on a designated payline and are on adjacent reels, you are a winner of the online slots. And, of course, with 4 or 5 or more of the same, you win even more. That’s why you can see that there are many options to get good payouts in the Lucky 7s seven reel slots game.

7X Lucky Sevens features

Without a doubt, the highlight of the 7X Lucky Sevens slot is the Lucky Sevens Wild symbol. This property will help you find some good value wins whenever you make it one or two times, mainly on the payline, because those 49x multipliers have the possibility of being in several larger value wins. It also gives gambling tips for players.

The considerable winnings you can get for 3 of a kind of Lucky Sevens Wild symbol is what will make the pulse race a little faster. If you play for 5 USD per coin, the chance to win 2,500, 5,000 or 7,500 USD of that amount strictly gives the opportunity for a huge payout.

Particular mention here for the slot design that captures the feel, sound, and looks of a retro type slot very well. The addition of the gambling capability aimed at any kind of winnings in the slot machine gives you the possibility to double all those small value winnings. In addition, there is a free playing method. All these bells and whistles are brought to you by Wager Gaming Technology (WGS) engineers and slot program designers.

Symbols and more

Whenever you play a slot machine, you want to know what symbols to look out for. This is something that comes with the game and everything that comes with it. You can easily collect the winnings and the biggest prize that is there waiting for you.

With eight winning symbols on the board, this is something you definitely want to take into account. With a jackpot of well over $100,000, you’re going to want to make sure you’re careful with those wild, bonus symbols that have the potential to get you even closer to winning the money you have at hand.

The other symbols are all 7, so this is something to think about. They’re all a different way from a seven. Some have circles, others have X’s that go through them, and so on. There are thousands of sevens to consider and each one brings something new whenever you land on it.

This was primarily due to the advancement of video slots in Las Vegas and online slots on computer screens all over the planet. Put it all together and you will find that Lucky 7s offers you not only the thrill of high definition online slots, and not just the chance to win some real money slot payouts. Plus, the chance to take part in the storytelling of the real slots.

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Black Magic. The amount you are betting, the number of credits, and the value of the coin do not influence the activation of the progressive jackpot.

7X Lucky Sevens bonuses

With 7 in the game, of course, this is what will bring you the jackpot when you manage to line up and collect the bonuses that are there. With this, it’s the wild symbol, so when you land on one of them, you’ll have the chance to fire up bonus spins and also the jackpot round that offers you the chance to cash in that colossal jackpot that’s waiting for you to grab it.

The 49x multiplier is the conjunction that everyone wants to go through. They want to collect the biggest payout in history and by using this multiplier they not only get closer to the jackpot but if you bet the highest amount ($15) then you will definitely have a huge payday even without winning the jackpot amount.

If you’re ready for some luck and distraction, then this is where you can find out everything you can get your hands on. You can cash in everything without the need to worry about not being able to get the bonuses, the payouts, and the distraction. This jackpot game makes it easy for you to do just that and much more. Try your luck today!

Play 7X Lucky Sevens now!

Bet three coins and land three lucky symbols on the reels and activate the 7.X multiplier. The symbols you will see on the reels are similar to those on a traditional slot machine. Start by betting a penny per spin. Extraordinary sevens. That’s why you can see that there are many options to get good winnings in the seven reel Lucky 7s slot game.
Not this time. It has two jokers. The big news is that you have to win twenty-five thousand USD to win the progressive jackpot. Birds Of Paradise.

It is a truly extraordinary win, an unrealistic win to find in your recurring 3 or 5 reels online slot game. The symbols you can see in this game are the Lucky 7s wild symbols, 7s, and numerous other symbols. If you think that these properties are crucial for your personal enjoyment at the online casino, you will need luck elsewhere.

Let’s make a slight mention of the properties that Lucky 7s does NOT have. It does not have a wild symbol, a scatter symbol, free spins, or a bonus game. If you think those properties are crucial to your personal enjoyment at the online casino, you’re going to need to get lucky somewhere else.

However, Lucky 7s programmers apparently felt that the revolutionary spread to 7 slot machine reels, combined with the creative property of some three in a row of wins and the ingenious variations on the Lucky 7s theme, would be enough to make an extraordinary and important online slot experience. We feel that the programmers are in this situation, and we suggest that you try out Lucky 7s seven reel slots.

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