UK Casinos

Maxwell F. Koehler
May 2, 2019

We are selecting for you the best casinos in UK that are currently available on the market! As a bonus, we have also prepared a detailed guidelines for the UK Casinos and UK Casinos Market, focusing on the rules for playing casino, casino games, casino payment methods and many other parameters which are crucial and you must be aware of when you play casino.

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Before proceeding forward, let’s know about what casino actually is?

What is casino?

Basically, the casino is a place where people play games and can win or lose money, such as roulette. A casino is a facility which houses certain types of gambling activities. The industry that deals in casinos is called the gaming industry. Casinos are most commonly built near hotels, restaurants, retail shopping, or other tourist attractions.

Requirements for entry

The casinos require up to date identification systems such as driving license, military ID or passport before the correct payments have done. Your ID must also include your photo.

Entry fee

There isn’t a fee to enter the casino. You just need to be 21 years or older to enter. You can also just walk around and enjoy, there’s no compulsion to play or bet. Now talking about UK casinos, UK is very famous for casinos, games and all such stuff. There are so many casinos in the UK with the same above-mentioned requirements and some specific requirements. Let’s jump on to UK casino guidelines now.

Is gambling illegal in the UK?

The rules of the UK state that the age that must be crossed to undertake the activity of gambling is 18 years. The limit is the same if you are going to the gaming centers for adults, casinos, on the racetracks or outlets for betting.

How many casinos are there in the UK?

There are around 140 casinos across the UK. Most of them are in England and a big chunk of them are in London. Some of the casinos in the country will want you to take up a membership with them whereas the others may allow you for free. With the same general rules of identification, they may also ask for your identification at the cash desk, if you gain a lot of money (approx £1,000) before clearing the payments. The membership committee will go through the form you fill for the membership of the casino. This process usually takes a day and once this is done, you can enter the area for gaming.

Games and opening time

The casinos in the country start from 2 in the afternoon and go on till 6 in the early morning except for festivals like Christmas. The gaming is under the regulation of the Gaming board in Britain, which ensures that fair game is played.

Gaming and the money

The currency used in gaming is mostly Pounds. You can use plastic money, Guaranteed Cheques, of ATM machines, Bank Drafts for cashing.

Foods and Drinks

You can consume the bar beverages and just recently, the rule has shifted to the tables for gaming as well. Some casinos will also serve you snacks. It is advisable to book a table before going.

Casino Dress Code

It sounds strange, but yes places like casinos do require you to be in proper dresses as per dress code. For the majority of the places, it is casual with smartness. High-end casinos have specific dress codes such as jackets and ties. Hat/cap, shorts, T-shirts, Bourka’s, sunglasses are not allowed. Safe, secure and reliable payment methods The most famous of the casinos offer payment methods enable quick depositing and usage of the money. They also allow for seamless withdrawing of the funds in the payday. The casinos are committed so that the transactions are simple, safe and secure. Many payment methods are used. So, finally, make sure that when you are entering a casino in the UK, you are up to the mark in terms of behavior. Do note that you are under the cameras all the time, so any misbehavior will result in you getting expelled out of the casino. Ensure that you keep a budget while playing at the center and keep a tab so that you do not cross the limit you have set. Following this, also do not click the pictures in the gaming areas and wherever you want to; take the permission of the in-charge of the place. If you ensure a good discipline, gambling can be a really fun activity which you can undertake in the UK. Keep in mind that every casino will have their rules and you need to know them.

Online UK Casino

We at Slots-O-Rama continuously review the online casinos which are allowed to be played from UK and we provide up-to-date information on their bonuses, free spins, free games, deposit and no deposit category as also many other criteria selected by our professional review team as also our trusted players. We do advice you to bookmark our page or subscribe to our newsletter if you want to receive latest updates for the online casino games and bonuses which are available in your country. Below you can find some of the highly trusted and currently most recommended casinos to play both for fun or real money games, where for sure you can also win real money

Popularity of Online Slots in the UK

All forms of gambling, be it online or in the land-based betting shops and casinos, enjoy a great popularity in the UK. Everybody knows people from the UK enjoy a good punt, which is why there are hundreds of betting shops all over the country and at least as many online casinos accepting UK punters. There are many options available to anyone looking to gamble, from placing bets on their favorite sports to table games such as roulette or blackjack. However, slots in the UK are, by far, the most popular choice for most players. So simple that anyone can start playing without any previous knowledge and yet entertaining and capable of producing huge wins, video slots embody everything that gambling is about.

Players from the UK have certain preferences when it comes to slots they enjoy playing the most. Many experienced punters have had their first gaming experiences at the bookies, playing popular FOBTs (Fixed Odds Betting Terminals). These terminals feature certain games like Rainbow Riches (in its many variations), Thai Flower, Zeus, Montezuma, Hercules High & Mighty, etc.

All of these UK slots are also found in its digital versions across numerous online casinos. This means UK punters have the freedom to enjoy their favorite games from the comfort of their own homes and play as much as they like using their home PCs or mobile devices. Of course, these games make up just a small part of what UK casinos have to offer in their slots’ libraries. A majority of online operators licensed by the UKGC feature titles from dozens of providers such as NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, Play’n GO, and many more. So, players can choose from thousands of titles at any given time and it is entirely up to them if they want to stick to the games they know well or chance their luck with something completely new.

FOBTs vs. Online Slots in UK

Betting shops are virtually a part of the UK culture and you’ll find them in dozens in every major city in the country. Apart from offering the obvious, i.e. sports betting, these high street bookies also feature slot-like terminals, popularly known as FOBTs. These terminals offer games that look and, on the surface, play the same as video slots. However, there are some essential differences, which actually make playing online slots from the UK a much better option. First and foremost, FOBTs can only pay a jackpot of £500. This means that even if a player gets really lucky and hits a great bonus round with many re-triggers, they can only win up to £500. Once this amount is reached, all the remaining spins and future winning opportunities are deleted and the bonus is automatically completed. With online slots, UK players don’t have to deal with such restrictions. They are allowed to win as much as anyone else and the only limit is the maximum win set by the game developer, which is usually much more than £500. In addition to this, online slots in the UK usually have a higher RTP than their land-based counterparts, which means players can expect to win more / lose less when playing at an internet casino.

Best UK Casinos for Slots Players

The United Kingdom represents a very interesting and appealing market for gaming operators, i.e. online casinos. This is why UK punters have a variety of options available to them when it comes to choosing where to play. Almost all casinos licensed in the country offer a rich and versatile selection of video slots. So, punters from the UK need to pay attention to other important things when choosing their online casino, such as the welcome bonus and promotions in general, the quality of customer support, the overall design of the casino, mobile support, etc. Luckily, there are many great casinos catering to British players, so you aren’t limited in any way, shape, or form.

In terms of UK slots specifically, most casinos try to maintain a large portfolio of games and regularly update it with new releases as they become available. That way, they keep existing customers happy and give them no reason to take their business somewhere else.

Why Some Slots Can’t Be Played from the UK?

Despite the fact there are many online casinos catering to UK punters, avid fans of slots are probably aware of the fact some games simply aren’t available at any of them. If you’d ever wondered why, you should know this has nothing to do with casinos or their lack of willingness to include slots that seem in demand by the players. In order for a slot to be offered in the UK, however, its developer, i.e. the company making the slot, needs to also have a UKGC license. This is a different type of license issued to game developers, which confirms their slots conform to UK laws and standards in all important aspects. Casinos licensed to operate in the UK can only offer slots from these licensed developers.

This is also the reason why the number of online slots available to UK players increases all the time. Game developers are very keen on obtaining a UK license and entering this highly desirable market. Thus, new licenses are issued from time to time, which leads to new titles being included in the overall offering of UK slots.

Enjoy the Best Slot from the UK

UK punters certainly have access to a wide variety of casino slots, including almost all of the most popular and entertaining games in the market. The number of UK slots is on the constant rise as well, with new companies obtaining their licenses and entering partnerships with UK casinos to make their games available to players in the country. If you enjoy playing slots, you’ll have no problems finding a number of high-quality online casinos, which not only offer hundreds (if not thousands) of games from this category, but also have excellent bonuses and the customer support team that’s always around to help with any problems. So, take your pick and play your favorite UK slots with no hassle from the comfort of your own home.