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Added : Dec 19, 2019
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The Hanzo Dojo is a beautiful slot machine that pays tribute to ancient Japan. A game inspired by the famous legend of the samurai and the ninja Hattori Hanzō, one of the most famous characters of samurai culture in Japan. All the action takes place in a traditional martial arts school or, as they are called in Japan, “Dojo.

An original arrangement of the drums will give it a special touch. Beautiful Japanese symbols with the brave students of the school will give color to the drums. Special features, with expansive jokers, colossal symbols, additional towers and free spins, will keep the excitement of the game on top.

Features of the Hanzo Dojo Slot Machine

Hanzo’s Dojo is a slot game with five reels, 3 rows and a total of 25 pay-lines. We can adjust the value of the bets through the coin value button. The lowest bet we can make on the slot machine is €0.10 and the highest bet you can choose is €125 per spin.

As for the return to the player, Hanzo’s Dojo online slot machine has a somewhat low percentage, at 96.1% (RTP).

Hanzo Dojo Online Slot Machine Symbols

In Hanzo’s Dojo Mainline Slot Machine, we find eight normal symbols. The most valuable symbols are those that seem to represent Hanzo students. There are four characters that embody 4 Japanese subjects: a ninja, a geisha, a samurai and the best paid of all, who seems to be a sumo player.

For five sumo player symbols on the payline, they will give us up to 235 coins. There are also four other less valuable symbols representing Japanese designs in the form of coins and each of them has a different color and design.

These 8 symbols can be randomly converted into colossal 3x3 symbols during free spins or Hanzo moves.

Among the symbols, we will also find special symbols. The free spins symbol and the wild symbol represented by a golden mask, which will replace the rest of the symbols.

Extra Slot “The Roof”

One of the distinguishing features of the Dojo slot in Hanzo is its mini ceiling slot. A structure of three drums and a single row at the top of the screen represents the roof of the martial arts school. The results of the roof groove influence the main groove but it is independent.

It has only three types of symbols, but each of them can generate many benefits, as they all have a special function associated with it. One of the symbols is wild, graphically it is exactly the same as the wild cards in the main game, but in the ceiling slot it is an expansive symbol.

As soon as it appears, it will cause the slot symbols to be placed underneath it, in the main part of the game, all of them will become a wild card, finishing the whole reel.

Another symbol found on the roof reels is the Hanzo symbol. It is the great master, represented by a man with gray hair and beard, whose function is to activate Hanzo Spins.

The third type of symbol that we find is the symbol of free spins and graphically similar, but with some differences in the normal game.

Free Spins of Hanzo’s Dojo Slots

Free spin rounds are available in the main game and on the roof terrace. The free spin round is activated when we receive 3 or more free spin symbols on the battery.

In the main game we get 3 free spins for each of the free spinning symbols. In the roof column we get 4 free spins for each symbol and also a special power up. These power-ups will activate special features that can be: that the fifth reel is full of jokers, that you use a gain multiplier x2, advance symbol 3x3, or that the prize lines are counted in both directions, win in both directions.

During free spin rounds, the intermediate lanes are occupied by large versions of the normal symbols, colossal 3x3 symbols, which occupy drums 2, 3 and 4.

Hanzo plays all year round

The works of Hanzo, the martial arts champion, have reserved a special price for us. It is activated when we get the 3 Hanzo symbols on the roof column.

The Hanzo Player round consists of three free spins followed by a special feature. In the central part of the drums, a colossal 3x3 random symbol is displayed, which will be determined during the three free spins.

Play Hanzo’s Dojo Slot now!

This Japanese slot machine, although ideal for lovers of Japanese culture, is worth a visit and is definitely suitable for all types of players. Even for its medium variance.

Yggdrasil has done it again and restored a high-end slot, with beautiful graphics and the most exciting game you can play from any type of device. Don’t hesitate and come fight the bravest warriors of master Hanzos Dojo.

The special feature of Hanzo’s Dojo slot machine is activated when three Hanzo symbols fall on the rolls of the deck (Rooftop in the game). There, you get three free spins during which a randomly selected symbol will be blocked on the central reels as a 3 × 3 symbol.

When one of the jokers reaches the group of terrace drums, it grows on the down reel in the main group and the whole reel is a single joker.

On the other hand, if three or more scatter symbols are reached, the free spin mode is activated.

Each dispersion symbol in the main group gives three shifts and each in the terrace drum group, four.

What happens on the terrace is the appearance of a “mini slot” and when the symbols appear in this small slot, the function is activated. Hanzo’s Dojo slot machine offers interesting gameplay and an excellent bonus round in the game.

As mentioned earlier, the “mini slot” feature is highlighted with up to three wild rolls.

In turn, the free spins are more than useful for trying to win the exquisite boat. Players can win in both directions and more if the double multiplier appears, which obviously doubles all winnings.

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