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Singapore is a global financial center and is positioned fourth in the world for its casinos. The casinos at Singapore have strict attitudes. The first legal betting in Singapore took place in 1968. For entry in Singapore casino, one must have a valid levy entry for the casino and is more beneficial if anyone is a permanent resident of Singapore.

There is an entry levy for either a month or one may have an annual entry card.
1. Day’s entry levy
This charges around $100 for a daily basis. It is valid only for a day sharp.

2. Yearly allow levy
It charges around $2000. It is valid for a year.

• While entering and exiting the casino, one is required to have their residency classification such as Singaporean citizen, PR or from outside the country.
• As soon as you get into the casino, one must get their ID scanned which can be an NRIC card, driver’s license, SAF ID proof or permit for re-entry.
• There are classified lanes for the people to enter the casino and one must follow accordingly.
• It is wrong according to the law if one enters the casino even though their entry levy has expired.
• If one is convicted, they may be charged a fine of $1000 and also pay for the extra duration that you may have.
• One must have valid identification documents.
• Anyone entering the casino must be of 21 years or more.
• The levy payments can be made through cash, NETS or direct debit/credit card.
• One must note that the entry levies are not refundable and cannot be transferred either.
• The dress code should be Smart casual.
• Do not take advantage of system error to obtain more free credits.
• Do not make under-the-table deals with the dealer.
• Do not use smart phones to record the jackpot machines’ play pattern.
• One must not possess anything for cheating such as cards, dice or coins and any other equipment for interfering with the games.
• One should ensure the authenticity of the chips.
• The operators of the place cannot lengthen the credit to the people who are locals and/or live in the country unless they fall under the premium category.
• ATMs have been not allowed within the premises of the casinos.
• NCPG can issue orders of exclusion to stop the gamblers who create problems into the casinos.
Entry levy for Singaporeans
• One must purchase a valid entry levy which may cost $100 for a day or $2000 for a year.
• It is wrong according to the law to enter the Casino premises bearing the absence of the right document or not having one.
• If does so, they are liable to pay $1000 and also the due of the timeline through which they enter.

Most of the casinos at Singapore offer a vast selection of the newest and popular electronic gaming machines. They feature about 250 themes and game titles. The players can enjoy the wide range of betting levels for video, multi-station games and there are slots that offer jackpots where the amounts increase with the increasing level of the game. Even table games are available to suit all players such as Money Wheel and Roulette. The table games are played using gaming chips.

One may even look for the brochures that list all the casinos of Singapore and have basic information for every casino and the games offered there.

The Act specifically for casinos has been established in 2006 that makes provisions for the Casino Regulatory Act of Singapore and administers well, empowering the National Council on Problem Gambling and issue casino exclusion orders. CRA provides the license to regulate the operations of casinos, approve of the system of controls and administration of casinos and also investigate, if required, for the offenses committed in the casinos. These casinos have yearly earnings of around $1 billion.

So, these are the guidelines and the procedure to enter the casinos in the country. Make sure you are well – aware of them before you go for one. Do note that the gambling culture in the country is exceptional but so is the enforcement of the law. Do not break any rules and regulations set by the place.